Laboratories Details

  The Department has continuously upgraded the infrastructure according to changing needs of technological environment. We have a rich infra structure with more than 250 branded machines of latest configuration with essential peripherals and all required advanced licensed software like Windows Xp, Windows 7,Windows 2003 Server, RedHat Linux Enterprise, JAVA, Netbeans 7.0, TC++, Rational Rose, Visual Studio 8.0, Oracle10g, Linux, Novell Netware, Microsoft Office 2007 etc. All labs are provided with high speed Internet Facility and any time available to staff and students to upgrade their knowledge.

1) Computer Center :
Computer center provides main facility for surfing the internet to students of all departments, 100 computers are allocated to the center.

2) Web Technology Lab :
The web technology lab of the Computer Science Department provides the main computing facilities of Web Designing . C-lab and Artificial Intelligence practical are conducted in this lab.

3) Programming-Lab :
The Programming Lab of the Computer Science Department provides Facility for programming in multimedia and Photoshop. OOAD, CPA and data structure practical are conducted here.

4) Hardware and Networking Lab :
The Hardware lab of the Computer Science Department provides the main facilities to upgrade the hardware knowledge of student and also conducting the session practical.

5) Seminar & Project :
This lab is designed for collecting project information about project & Seminar, performing projects. The main objective of lab is to provide environment so that students can perform their project properly and to encourage students for developing their project skills.

6) System Software Lab :
This lab will be designed for conduction practical related to system software such as SS, DAA, OS.

7) Assembly level language programming Lab : The Assembly Level Programming Lab of the Computer Science Department provides Facility for develop and assembly programs, identify and use proper assembler directives, design simple assembly programs, write programs that interface with a programming language, appreciate the System Software development environment and appreciate a keyboard driver.

8) Database Lab :
The major objective of this lab is to provide a strong formal foundation in database concepts, technology and practice to the participants to groom them into well-informed database application developers. Rather than imparting isolated knowledge / experience fragments in each of concepts, technology and practice, the course will aim at achieving good blend of the three. The overriding concern, therefore, is to include just enough concepts and theory to motivate and enrich the practical component, and to include technology component to maximize the relevance of the course to the industry without sacrificing the long-term objectives of rigout and foundational strength that can withstand the vagaries of technological advances.

9) C-Lab :
The C Programming Lab of the Computer Science Department provides Facility for student To impart knowledge so that the student will know how to write and debug programs using an IDE / Editors know The principles of designing structured programs know when and how to use the appropriate statements available in the C language explain the principles of structured program design understand what is meant by a well designed program describe when and how to use the stand C statement Write, Compile and Debug basic C programs using an IDE and using a workstation.

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