Applied Science and Humanities Department

Dr. Nilesh R. Thakare
HOD Group A
Applied Science and Humanities Department

Dr. Amol D. Bhoyar
HOD Group B
Applied Science and Humanities Department

“Let us think of educated as to the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and mean greater strength for our nation.”

Firstly, on behalf of First-Year staff extend you hearty welcome to P.R.P.C.E.M. I must also congratulate you for the excellent choice that you have made; you are now a part of an institution that strives for excellence in all areas of research and teaching; an institute that has been at the forefront of technical activity of our Vidharbha since its establishment. you have now become a part of us. our Institute maintains a climate where every student is encouraged to reach his or her full potential. as Oscar Wilde said, Success is a science. if you have the conditions you get a result.

P.R.P.G.E.I. has created the conditions and it is our job to do the rest. it is for the latter that the student’s council exists.
Life at P.R.P.G.E.I. is much more than the regular academic activities.
All the best.

About Science And Humanities Department

In order to produce graduates who are “wired for success”, the first year Engineering Department offers a student-oriented educational experience in preparation for the practice of engineering. The first year engineering program emphasizes design, innovation and real-world applications, evolving technologies, use of industry caliber design, simulation and analysis tools and the development of teaming, communication, and thinking skills. It is our goal to provide our students with a strong theoretical foundation, practical engineering skills, experience in interpersonal communication and teamwork, and a daily emphasis on ethics, professional conduct and critical thinking. We prepare our graduates for successful engagement in commercial and industrial enterprise, research and development, and graduate study. We emphasize and support the training necessary for practice as professional engineers.
First year study is foundation of complete engineering study. It is the root and steam of Engineering Tree. All the courses such as civil, mechanical, electrical, computer, electronics and telecommunication are all the branches of an engineering tree. First year engineering is study of all subjects which creates the platform for student of any branch and helps them to face aptitude test, group discussion in any campus interview.


“To enable the future engineers to be skilled technocrats having strong foundation of basic sciences and commitment towards society.”


  • To provide continuously improving environment for the teaching learning process.
  • To induce the best quality education.
    To equip the techno professionals with strong ethics and human values for the benefit of the society.

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