MCA Department

I am fortunate enough to be the Head of the Department. The department has been formulated to provide a unique environment for mastering the various disciplines of computer science and is an attempt to produce complete professionals for the IT industry. The emphasis is on the understanding and ability to apply the principles of computing which make the students well equipped for future work environment. Hands-on approach is taken to help students develop expertise under the guidance of erudite teaching staff. Our strong links with industry ensure that what we teach is up to date with current trends in such a dynamic industry. Our excellent employability record speaks for itself. Our fantastic new facilities are an expression of the University’s belief in fostering the highest standards of academic excellence, delivering a world-class student experience. We work hard to provide a thriving academic community for all our staff and students. As an Head of the Department I hope that one will find a way to become involved – as a student.

Prof. Aparna Bhande

HOD, MCA Department

About MCA Department

The need for professionals with a background of Computer Sciences is always on the rise. Those with problem solving Skills are the ones in Demand. Professionals with these skills are sure to land up with Successful careers in the years to come. The course offers Two Years(Four Semester) professional Master’s Degree in Computer Science obtained after Bachelor’s Degree. The Department imparts quality and knowledge based technical skills to the students. The students of our department are motivated to inculcate dynamic professionalism to become the best Software Professionals and entrepreneurs. Our students are dutiful, devotional and disciplined to meet the requirements of the society. The Department is equipped with well established laboratory and class rooms. The hard-working faculty members employ their full potential to enhance the spirit of the young and talented minds. The Department believes in developing solutions for the critical and constructive problems of modern days. We Endeavor to harness this inherent potential through meeting the growing needs of higher technical education. As we grow, we expand into new technologies, methodologies, disciplines, resources and even attitudes. Although hard work has to be an integral part of any professional, to be successful software professional, a student has to have excellent logical mind and analytic software professionals as Project Managers, System Analysts or Team leaders in Industry or become Entrepreneurs in their own innovative way.

Objectives of the Course

The MCA program prepares students to take up positions as system analysts,systems designers, Programmers and managers in any field related to information technology. The program, therefore, aims at imparting comprehensive knowledge with equal emphasis on theory and practice. The MCA students are encouraged to spend a full semester working in the industry in the institute giving them insight into the workings of the IT world.


To seek to strive and to achieve greater heights in computer education and to create an environment where all students, faculty and staff have ease to access recent technological resources related to computer science & information.


  • To provide advanced theoretical, experimental, and applied computer science knowledge to the students.
  • To provide recent technological training to the students of MCA department as well as collaboration with our academic partners in the field of IT.
  • Prepare students for professional careers and advance studies in computer science
  • To emphasize on extra-curricular activities and personality development leading to a comprehensive development of the students

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